Brand and
UX/UI Designer




Suun Ayurveda is a conscious urban beauty brand rooted in Ayurveda wisdom and devoted to the modern wellness enthusiast.

Brand design, packaging, graphic design, and illustrations were the main skills used in this project and my total responsibility. This project was developed in partnership with a Copyrighter and Brand Strategist - Daniela Valdez.

Was created a conscious brand that reflects the perfect balance between the New York City grit and the Ayurveda roots. It was developed the design of the labels and package for three lines of treatment for adults and one for kids and an exhaustive brand book that allow the brand to evolve and adapt to the market and strategic choices.


For the Suun logo was used a serif slab type that permitted to customize them to look like the Gurmukhi typography. The enlarged kerning was deliberated to visual create the effect of a mantra sound.

Label design
Awareness and balance are the values explored in the design of the labels, giving special attention to the hierarchy and legibility of the information.

Illustration, package, and graphic design
The main herbal components for each hair treatment are the subject of the illustrations used in the labels and package. These explore the form, color, and textures of the plants, some with human elements, by visually providing a balance between the past and the present, flattering the overall design.

Brand Book
The brand book tells the story of the brand and its philosophy. The simple layout explores the duality of the brand values, layering the spreads with images and information. The brand book contains information about brand guidelines and all the rules applied to the layouts developed and can be used as a tool to evolve and adapt the brand.