Brand and
UX/UI Designer




Rolloncell is a Vodafone partner that resells services and solutions. With the need to gather more market share and with the necessity to grow their team, the company website needed a big refresh.

The old site wasn't responsive and the technology used was outdated. This new website must have some CRM features integrated and a direct access channel to the consulting team. Talking to the clients' team the solution was to have a chatbot available.

Strategy and research were the main skills used in the first step of this project to respond to technical and objective questions of usability and commercial strategy. With the implementation of the layout, the major role was the development of iconography (UI and graphic design) and the configuration and development of the website builder (website design).


The main persona was clear to all of the stakeholders but strategically this new website needed to take into account two more personas: a new portfolio of solutions and services matched to a new type of client, and the urge to have a new type of collaborators to address this.

Structure to different content
The content was too long and complex because of the new solutions and services available. And this website had the requirement to talk to several audiences connected by this new portfolio, so knowing the particularity of this business and the common practice that these issues require a human to explain it and, afterward, sell it. The architecture of the website was created based on these two narratives and the possibility of always talking directly to someone, at any time.

One page website strategy
A one-page website was the visual approach to this structural strategy and the need to have a CRM in the background was granted by the Wix solution.

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