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Mamute is published quarterly and is a magazine of creative and autobiographical long-form essays. Telling personal stories that have a collective echo and expose socially relevant topics. In other words, it wants to tell stories that inform, disturb, and help to think about the world we live in.

The objective was to design and develop a website with e-commerce features. My responsibility was to advise the best tool (we used Squarespace) and customize it. The process was in collaboration with the editor and the graphic designer.

Market research that addresses the competition, market ecosystem, and viability was the source to establish the right content, user experience, and definition of the Mamute persona. 

The website and the online store were live in two weeks. And in the first month made more than 100 sales of the first number.


Miguel has 36 years old, and he works in a creative agency as a copyrighter dedicated to a retail client. Is responsible for all online and offline copy. He likes to read and write fiction. He published some texts in online literary magazines.

Empathic - Curious - Enthusiastic - Eclectic

“Reading and writing is my real passion.”

Tell meaningful stories that shake our perspectives and make us think about the world we live in. Support new forms and formats of publication.

To read new authors and stories and maybe be part of a new community of writers.

He loves the book as a medium. But it’s hard to get published in this kind of support.