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UX/UI Designer




Embrace people means understanding and anticipating people’s needs and motivational drivers. Embrace people means embracing life as a whole.

Embrace people means embracing the community and its diversity.

If we embrace people it becomes inevitable to get better results.

Project: Known for its pioneering position and atmosphere, Quinta da Fonte was the first home of several IT multinationals, such as Microsoft, SAP and Hewlett Packard.

The aim of this proposal is to reposition the image of Quinta da Fonte and increase its awareness within the corporate occupier and investor communities, based on improving amenities and accessibilities, as well as an effective repositioning strategy and approach.

It is now the moment to make up for lost time, embrace new communication strategies and trends and bring Quinta da Fonte back to its prominent position, as leader and visionary of the office space market.

A new ID, a new way of interacting with people trough people, a new way of working and living the spaces, a new way of connecting to nature, to the community and with each other.

Concept: The differentiation path is long and sometimes hard. There are no magic formulas. It takes time do build differentiation and reputation, but it is worth the effort, as it leads to uniqueness.

Our vision is that differentiating an office park means touching people, focusing on people.