Brand and
UX/UI Designer




Delivery Express is a very recent company, but in the last 2 years had a great expansion. I collaborated with Delivery Express to create a new communication and brand strategy that reflected its values and brand DNA, creating new and well-structured brand guidelines, new graphic materials, and a new website.

The new website was the most important project because it’s a new work tool for the commercial and HR departments. Simultaneously new internal and external communication materials were created based on the new brand guidelines.

The new brand strategy was co-created and I was responsible to consolidate some internal data with research. My skills as a brand designer were used to refine the logo and to develop the brand guidelines and new communication materials. The use of research technics, data analyses, website design, and UX/UI was my responsibility to enable the creation of the flow, interaction, and some complementary iconography for the website.

The number of visits to the website grown more than 150%, new leads and more than 50 job applications were accomplish only in the period of 6 months.


The client needed to consolidate some internal data to validate the values and DNA of the company. Was created a survey for all the employees, some key partners, and clients to participate.

The survey helped to define and validate the values and company DNA matching up with an energetic, dynamic and youthful brand. Established by new bright colors, new and legible typography, and new imagery.

The requirement to use a website builder with some marketing and CRM features was mandatory. So the website was developed in Wix.

The wireframe, architecture, and flow were designed to tell a simple and assertive story and to permit direct contact through contact forms. Strategically some context pages were created to test the type of key content for the business.

In 6 months this website content will be iterated accordingly to this new data.  
Delivery Express