Brand and
UX/UI Designer




A simple national brand for a corporate target but with a solidarity purpose.

Project: Create a brand for some traditional Christmas gifts with the Portuguese essence. This kind of gifts are mainly used by companies to show gratitude to some special clients and work colleagues.

Concept: The main concept are the people: the Portuguese people are known for their kindness and benevolence. The gifts are made by a set of items that confers some kind of personality. Like the Portuguese people, so well unlike, the gifts gain a human feature: they are named with common Portuguese first names and have a very clear personality.

Process: This kind of product will be known has a sub-product of the creative agency. So the definition of the values, personality and DNA was the first phase of tree to define the logo, colors, font and type of illustrations. This phase were conducted through a small workshop, where all the team gather to give feedback.

Celine Sallwey was the graphic designer responsible for this project.