Brand and
UX/UI Designer




This project was embraced as a possibility to make something meaningful and help an NGO to have a more clear and objective online presence, through a new website.

This new website had the objective not only to get to know this social project but also to have more volunteers and donations.

The type and the organization of the content were the main jobs here. Research and strategy were the main focus and to turn a more comprehensive and visual new organization we created a possible layout for this new website.


Ajuda de Mãe is a big association that works on many levels to help young mothers and their children in their early stages, so this kind of information needed to be clear, well organized, and accessible to everyone. We deed a lot of research, structure, and content analyses to make a first draft of the site architecture and main topics.

To help to understand and to make this complex information into something visual we made a rebranding to consolidate this website layout.

The logo maintained the same idea of growth and nurture as the old one, but more simple. Was added some new colors to turn everything more human and warm., but unfortunately, this project wasn't implemented. Some of the structure was used, but this kind of implementation required extra work from the Ajuda de Mãe internal team, and at that time wasn't possible.